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2016 - годината, в която рокът не умря

2016 - годината, в която рокът не умря

А тези албуми са категорично доказателство за дълголетие и пращящо здраве



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Зимни приказки

Зимни приказки

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Ana Tabakova

Would kill for Cinema and the Theatre, cause it’s that personal!


The last film I saw was
Paolo Virzi's Like Crazy. I think it's a very relevant film that people need to see, especially those intrigued by the female psyche. Or the human soul in general. I recommend it.
The greatest actor that ever lived is
Sir Anthony Hopkins.
I like directors like Jim Jarmusch, von Trier for his early work, Paul Thomas Anderson, Wes Anderson, Tarantino, Fellini, Lynch, Wim Wenders... need I go on?
The dumbest film I've ever seen is one whose name or director I don't even remember. It was so bad you couldn't even laugh at it.
I laughed my head off when I saw  Little Miss Sunshine. It's old, but it will have you in stitches. Another great one is "The Party", starring Peter Sellers.
I plan on seeing
Human Capital, another Virzi film and the Jarmusch oldie Down by Law.
Movies are
the other love of my life, to which I've recently been devoting a lot more of my time and energy. I'm very excited about what lies ahead and can't wait to see the end result.

I generally listen to
music non-stop. It helps me focus, isolate myself and get inspired.
I never tire of
hearing Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren sing “Goodness Gracious Me”, or Ella Fitzgerald’s version of “Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love)”. Lately I’ve been listening to Harry Nillson’s “Coconut” a lot. I like jazz. There are some things I can never get enough of. I also like modern classical music - Steve Reich, John Cage, Ludovico Einaudi.

The best book ever is
An Actor’s Work by Stanislavski. I consider it a bible. Even if you don’t subscribe to his system, this book is a starting point for any actor. Also, anything by Dostoevski.
I’m currently reading The Actor’s Art and Craft by William Esper, who teaches the Meisner Technique.
The best writers are
Russian. Dostoevski, Chekhov, Gogol, Bulgakov, Lermontov.

I go to the theatre because
I’m performing there, watching a friend perform, or seeing the work of a playwright I like.
I like plays written by
Chekhov, Pinter, all of Shakespeare’s. I’m also very interested in contemporary theatre.
The last play I saw was
The Blue Bird by Marius Kurkinski. I liked it.
The most important qualities a good actor should have are
the ability to convey emotion, reflexivity, to have aura and presence.
a riddle. To fans of classical theatre it will seem like an exhibition. If you’re more into performance art, you’ll see HYSTER as theatre. HYSTER is a meeting-point for artists crying out for something current and new. Primarily, though, it’s associative play wherein everyone can find something for themselves.

I’m interested
in modern photography, painting and sculpture. I like performance installations and art in the urban environment.
The last exhibition I went to
was “Domus Aurea - Ivan Spasov” at Swimming Pool Art Space. It was quite a thrill to see the great Bulgarian avangardist’s personal collection up close. I also went to see the Borjana Ventzislavova exhibition “We Are Part Of a Collection”, organized by DOMA Art Foundation at The Water Tower. I also enjoy the events at the Aether art space run by Voin de Voin, I think they’re very hip and relevant.
My favourite painters/artists are
those whose work I can relate to and who strike a chord with me. Art is a very personal experience. If we’re talking Bulgarian contemporary stuff, I’m an admirer of Stefan Petrunov’s paintings..We worked together on a portrait of mine. I had the chance to examine his work in detail and loved it. Datim Dimov Rothschild is another very interesting artist. They’re both brilliant. I can think of quite a few others, but those are the two I’m really feeling at the moment.

Text Martina Panayotova? Photography Sofia Zasheva

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